Christianity Tours

Christian Tours of Cathedrals and Museums

On this page you will find tours of London cathedrals and Christianity tours of the British Museum, National Gallery and Victoria and Albert Museum and two full day tours visiting London churches.

St Paul's Cathedral Tour


At several points in its history St Paul's Cathedral has played a crucial part in the development of Christianity in this country.  The present cathedral, actually the fifth on the site, was the first cathedral in England to be built after the Reformation.  Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece,  is our only cathedral in the English Baroque Style.  Highlights of the tour include Holman Hunt's painting 'Light of the World' and the memorial to John Wycliffe.


Westminster Abbey Tour


The coronation church where all our kings and queens have been crowned since 1066, Westminster Abbey has many Royal connections.  It is the Christian focus of the nation at times of national celebration and memorial.  Many famous people are buried inside.  Our tour's main focus will be on those with Christian connections, William Tyndale, John Wesley,  Lord Shaftesbury, William Wilberforce, Isaac Watts,  and George Frederick Handel.


Christian Art in the National Gallery Tour


A guided tour looking at some of the great Christian art in  London's famous National Gallery.  Enjoy the Christian impact of the paintings and learn a bit about the history of art along the way.



Biblical Manuscripts in the British Library 


Visit the British Library to see ancient biblical manuscripts including the Codex Sinaiticus which includes the oldest, surviving, complete manuscript of the New Testament in Greek, dating from the 4th century. You will also see the Lindesfarne Gospels.*


*Displays are regularly changed for conservation reasons so the content of this tour will depend on which manuscripts are available.


British Museum Bible Tour


Take a journey through Old Testament biblical History  looking at exhibits in the British Museum which support the historical truth of the Bible. The tour will show how time and time again archaeological discoveries support and agree with related statements in the Bible.

British Museum Christian History Tour

Trace the story of the spread and development of Christianity from the time of the apostles up to and including the Reformation through exhibits in the British Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum Christianity Tour

See how the fine and decorative arts have been used to the glory of God.  Sculpture, painting, metalwork, textiles, church furnishings, all presented in the context of Christian history.

The History of Christianity told through Seven London Churches

Visit 7 impressive London churches and discover the history of Christianity in London through their architecture and adornment

Remarkable Churches of London Tour

Let me show you the some of my favourite churches in London, chosen for their different architectural styles and their special place in our Christian heritage. Full day tour.

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