Christianity Tours

Christian Tours in London and Great Britain

Ever been on a guided tour around a cathedral and felt that you were being shown around a museum with little reference to Christianity?  Explore and Discover Tours' Christianity Tours are different, they explore the cathedral from a Christian perspective.  Be inspired and uplifted by the architecture which, for hundreds of years, has inspired people to worship God.  Hear about the Christian witness of the cathedral down the years and its role today.



 This website has examples of Christian tours in London and around Great Britain please click on the buttons to the left to navigate through the site.  Besides cathedral and church tours there are Christian walks where you can walk in the footsteps of the great Christian Reformers and learn about the story of our Christian history.  There is a Christian art in the National Gallery tour, a tour looking at exhibits in the British Museum which prove the historical accuracy's of the Old Testament and a tour to see ancient biblical manuscripts in the British Library.


There are also out of town day trips and extended tours around Great Britain looking at different aspects of our Christian heritage.


I can also create a tailor-made Christian tour especially for you, perhaps for a group of friends, a church group or your fellowship group.


If you would like to include some general sightseeing as well have a look at my general website


So whether you are a visitor or a local, I look forward to helping you to explore and discover Great Britain's Christian history. 

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